Baby stuff you should buy!

So here you will find products that we have and love and products that we have and could do without…. according to me!

(anything not mentioned is because I think you have a brain and don’t need my advice on something as simple as say a bib or burp cloths, but hey if you do shoot me an email….)

Baby Gear:

Car Seat – >  Chicco Keyfit30. It gets excellent safety ratings, make sure to get the base too.  It goes up to 30 pounds which should take you through year one at a minimum.

Stroller ->  Chicco Trevi. Chicco does offer a travel system which includes a carseat and stroller, I however didn’t like that stroller so we did our own version of a travel system. The carseat still snaps into the top of the stroller the same way so if you aren’t happy with the other stroller you do have options.

Diaper bag – > ugh what a tough decision.  We didn’t want something girly, yuck, it had to be practical and discrete so we went with this JJ Cole messenger style bag. We love it it gets the job done and has held through the test of time.

Playard/Pack-n-play -> AKA baby jail.  An item you could probably do without as we have only used ours a handful of times but those handful of times it was a lifesaver.  We went with the Chicco Lullaby LX Playard.  It has some cool animals on an arch that Brendan can play with and keeps him safe while I am trying to get stuff done.

Highchair -> we went with the Chicco Polly highchair.  It’s convenient, folds up, the tray slides on with just one hand and the padding comes off for easy washing. What more could you ask for!?!


Bouncer – > now this is something that we really would not have survived the first six months without.  The Bright Starts By your side bouncer, a new product that we registered for on a whim. We didn’t have high hopes but were pleasantly surprised.  I highly recommend this item so please go out and buy it right now!   Brendan ate, slept, cooed,oooed and aahed in this thing.  It was the first thing he sat in aside from his carseat and helped greatly with his reflux, thank me later!

Gyms & Playmats ->  Brendan receiver the Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym for Christmas and used it for months. At first just laying underneath staring at the lights and listening to the music, then sitting under it and now knocking it over King Kong style.  Be sure if not to get this one to get a gym/playmat.

Infant Positioners ->  We decided to get Brendan the Summer Infant Super Seat Booster/Infant Positioner to help him with head control and for his reflux.  He loved being able to sit up and see what is going on in the world, when he first started solids it was easier to feed him in that then the highchair and now he uses it for his daredevil act.

We also had the Boppy newborn lounger which was another lifesaver.  Within the first 9 months of Brendans life if we were at your house or you were at ours chances are pretty good you saw this and Brendan was in it.  It passed the washer and dryer test.  Buy it!

Swing ->  We live in a nice size house…not a mansion but not a small place.  But we didn’t want baby stuff taking over, hahah I know boy were we fools.  So instead of a full size swing we opted for a travel swing and it worked like a charm.  We went with the Boppy Rock In Comfort Travel Swing.  This helped calm Brendan down many times and get him to sleep when we couldn’t.

Walker ->  So earlier this summer I made a rookie parents mistake. I was at the shore and didn’t bring the exersaucer, or anything to trap Brendan in so off mom and I went to find something.  Safety 1st makes and excellent walker with lights and sounds that did just the trick. Brendan loved it, he could get around and well that’s good enough right!?!

Stationary entertainer ->  now when your baby is say about 4 months you will need this…NEED!  Your baby will like to have their own space they don’t want to stare at your face all day, they like to have their “office” and do their “work.”  I recommend the Evenflo SmartSteps Exersaucer Mega – ABCD123 Brendan has it and loves it.  He played in it for months, from 4- 12, took a break then started again just this past week.  It is money well spent.


Bottles ->  in the hospital they use pacifiers by a company called Soothie .  When I was discharged and Brendan was in the NICU we went to Target who knows why but we found bottles by this same company and thought it was pure genius. So we bought them luckily they are the perfect bottle for Brendan.  We are also lucky that he is a pretty chill kiddo and will take just about any kind of bottle so we use three different kinds: Soothie, Playtex drop-ins and Playtex ventaire.

Breastfeeding ->  First things first if you aren’t sure whether or not you want to breastfeed I recommend giving it a try.  Now I will say this I did not breastfeed, I am a preemie mom, so I pumped it was what was best for my baby and that is what I did. That does not mean it is what is best for your baby or what you have to do.  But if you plan to breastfeed I do recommend getting a pump, your hospital will probably recommend this too.  At first to get you started you may want to rent one from the hospital since theirs are normally stronger (read: better).  If it is working out for you then I suggest buying a pump.  I got the Medela Pump in style advanced.  Sometimes your insurance will cover the cost of a pump so you may want to check with them first.  This is normally only if you are pumping for a baby in the NICU or something like that (that’s what I was told).


Gates -> What an ordeal this was!   We have an awkwardly shaped house with awkwardly shaped rooms which means gates were really super fun to find! (sarcasm!) We settled on these: Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate and Evenflo Soft & Wide Crosstown Gate.  We are very happy with these products and would recommend them.  The evenflo gate folds up for travel purposes.

Video monitor ->  So we debated the whopping 29 weeks I was pregnant on what kind of monitor to get saying we probably didn’t need a video one that we were just being paranoid first time parents. When BAM enter Brendan Gerard 11 weeks early…yes we needed that video monitor and we needed a good one that would let mama sleep at night.  We had recommendations from other parents so we knew what was good and we followed their lead.  Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor was the winner – it is awesome!  If you are a worrier or think you may be one save yourself the trouble and just go ahead and buy this. We haven’t had any static issues or interference.

Pacifiers and teethers ->  get these kinds: soothie, playtex, Soothie also makes a teething pacifier make sure to get it and there is a raspberry teething pacifier that is all the rage it is pretty great and Brendan loves it.

The First Years Terry Teething Blanket


And finally baby bedding …it’s oh so much fun to pick out.  But according to APA it’s a waste of money.  It isn’t recommended to use the bumper.  We did until Brendan could roll and then took it out. The mobile is kind of the same deal, it’s good until the baby can stand and then it must come down.  Since things on the mobile pose a choking hazard. So  take this for what you will but if I could do it again I would just get a couple sheets and the cute artwork for the wall and call it good.   You can spend that money on some other useless stuff 🙂


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