About us…

Hi and thanks for checking out our blog.  If you would like access to the posts please email me at mrskatieh @ gmail.com

Katie – Blog writer, Brendan’s  mom, I have a degree in Family Science from University of Maryland and landed my dream job working for CHADD

Devin is Brendan’s dad, my husband and a FLEO or as B says “Daddy locks up da bad guys.” 🙂

Brendan (AKA: B) is our amazing little boy, he was born at 28 weeks 5 days gestation, he is diagnosed with a developmental delay with his main issue being speech.

I started this blog on carepages back when B was in the NICU to keep track of everything going on and keep our family who are all far away in the loop about his progress.  I continue to blog because this is B’s memory book, our family is still far away and to continue tracking B’s progress as he conquers the world!