“Kate your father could get him to eat drywall.” – Devin

Saturday morning Brendan was up bright and early and his first question was “Where baby hadley?” Can you tell he was excited to see her!?! Yeh just a little bit hah. We spent the morning goofing around and waiting for the arrival of the other guests.

hiding from the Poparazzi

In the early afternoon Carolyn, Tom and Hadley arrived. She is just to cute for words and so so so happy. Brendan is pretty protective over his little cousin and knew where she was at all times. If she would cry he would say “Baby Hadley sad” and when she stopped crying he would let us know “Baby Hadley happy now.” Pretty smart kid if I do say so myself. 🙂 We all got ready to head over to the bay beach. This was a special beach trip as it was Hadley’s first time on the beach so we stuck with the bay beach since it was close to the house and if Hadley didn’t like the beach we could make a quick getaway. Well as luck would have it she loved the beach and being in the bay, which was the absolute perfect temperature, she loved the beach so much that we were there for a couple hours and Hadley took a nap. Brendan loved being at the beach with Hadley, he keeps saying how he went swimmin’ with Hadley hahah, and he stayed in the water the majority of our trip. Brendan also made friends with another little boy on the beach who came over with his trucks and they dug some hole and drove the trucks through the sand. It was nice to see Brendan interacting with another child his age.

After the beach Brendan and my dad went out back to use Brendan’s net to catch crabs. They were successful on the first try with one crab, Brendan was not a fan of the crab at all and tried to run away from it hahahaha.

For dinner we had a delicious feast of ribs, burgers, I enjoyed a delicious ham and cheese sandwich (YUM!) and Brendan had a grilled cheese. Brendan is a pretty picky eater, hmm I guess he gets that from me, after he was done his sandwich my dad offered him some rib meat. I of course laughed and said he won’t eat it, but he of course had to prove me wrong and ate it. As Devin said and it’s so true ” Kate your father could get him to eat drywall.” Brendan really will eat anything if my dad asks him to, wish I had that kind of luck.

feeding the ducks with Aunt Carolyn

We ended the day with a evening cruise on my mom and dads boat, another first for Hadley. We had Brendan’s infant lifejacket at the shore house and had brought his toddler one with us so this all worked out perfectly. The kids did great on the boat, Brendan is really comfortable being on the boat and loves helping my dad drive. Both Brendan and Hadley took naps on our cruise, it was so hot though and poor Brendan was a sweaty overheated mess by the time we got back. After a couple cups of water and some snacks he was back to his old self. 🙂


Ahhh another great day at the shore shack….more to come!


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One response to ““Kate your father could get him to eat drywall.” – Devin

  1. Poppy4Brendan


    That’s not luck, it’s Poppy power.

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