Some updates on stuff

I rarely post about developmental milestones because Brendan is behind in most areas. But we have been working with him on getting caught up and making some great progress. So here are some of the great things Brendan is now doing: he is able to put on his pants or shorts, put on his shirt, put on his shoes (on the right feet!), brush his own teeth, open the refrigerator door, he is doing worlds better with his speech and telling us what he wants, he has started telling us when he needs a diaper change which gives me hope he will be potty trained before he goes to college ;), he is beginning to be able to make choices when presented with options, he is showing preference for what he eats/plays with or wears. A weird milestone for me was being able to transition him from baby flip flops (the kind with the strap on the back) to him now wearing the same kind Devin and I do. It was just another sign that he is growing up and for me it’s going way to fast! The best feeling is seeing how proud Brendan is of himself with his big cheeky smile and “I did it mommy!” and then he claps. 🙂

Now for some pictures:


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