Ready, set, go….

Sunday we were again invited over to Lauren’s to go swimming at the pool.  The mushroom pool was closed for a swim team party, Brendan was bummed, but her community has three different pools so we just went to a different one.  It was a perfect day being slightly overcast, the warm was the perfect temperature and Brendan learned some new tricks.  We were in the water 95% of the day, just getting out during adult swim and for some quick snacks.  Brendan did even better this time swimming, his kicking is really improving and he has started to figure out the arm motions as well.  His new trick that he and Devin worked on was Brendan standing in Devin’s hands and jumping off into the water. Brendan was scared at first, and honestly so was I, but he kept saying “again” over and over again.  When he in position to jump he would go “Ready!  Set! Go!” and then jump. He was so incredibly proud of himself and even would go completely under water when he landed in the pool. I again have to mention his awesome float called a Puddle Jumper it is really awesome and he finally weighs enough that it doesn’t immediately flip him over 🙂






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