He thinks he’s a puppy…

Not really much going on with us the past week or so…just the usual: school, work, fun and relaxation.Brendan is still loving his stuffed Rocket from the show Little Einsteins. Recently he has also added a brown bear his Mom-mom and Pop-pop got him when he was a baby into the rotation. Teddy Bear is happy according to Brendan and likes to give hugs and kisses a lot. I also talked Brendan into wearing his Elmo slippers, he looks so cute and soon they will be to small for his piggies.

The strangest thing recently is Brendan has been asking for Cherokee. We have gone almost three months without him brining him up. But last week Brendan realized he could hit the ice dispenser on the fridge, so he did and then was calling for Cherokee. He was piling up the ice cubes where Cherokees bowl used to be and it just broke my heart. We all miss Cherokee but since Brendan hasn’t brought him up we thought he had forgotten about him.

Brendan has also been so sweet and cute as he always is of course. When he plays in his tent he peeks his little head out and says “Come on Mommy. Play in tent.” He always is giving us his cars to play with him. Today he was at the kitchen table coloring when he asked me to come color with him. I also was trying to teach him to trace his hand, no luck, but he did have me trace it for him a couple of times and kept saying it tickled. The final cutest thing of the week is Brendan has started acting like he is a puppy. This fascinates me because it’s his imagination at work. He barks, licks (like kisses hah), and cuddles like a puppy.

This week we had ridiculously hot temps here in Maryland; so hot that other then to go from our front door to the Jeep to the door at school or work we haven’t been leaving the house. Hopefully next week it cools down so we can have some fun outside! Today is was so hot Brendan got his usual bath and then one after nap just to cool down. He loves his bubble baths and asks for one everyday, spoiled!

Bubbles mommy Bubbles!


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