I swimmin’!

Last weekend was another hot one, a scorcher actually.  Since Devin was working Saturday Brendan and I went out to do a little shopping.  This heat is really messing up our playground time!  We headed out to Old Navy to see if they started putting out Fall clothes yet, no such luck.  We did a lot of playing with Lego’s, playdoh, coloring playing with Alphie the robot and trucks of course!  My parents got Brendan a bug catching case for his birthday however he uses his to house cars and marshmallows, strange!


Sunday my friend Lauren invited the three of us over to go swimming. We happily accepted the invite and B was stoked to see his “Aunt Auren” as he calls her. We spent the afternoon in the pool splashing and swimming and attempting to teach Brendan to swim.  We are lucky that Milo was a swimmer his whole life, unfortunately he had to work Sunday, but he is going to help us with Brendan’s swimming.  Unlike last year this year Brendan walked right into the pool, still hesitant with the mushroom, but he loves that pool.   He was a little clingy in the deeper end at first but by the end was floating in his puddle jumper (with us close by!) and saying “I swimmin’!”





After swimming we all took a break to get ready and head back out for dinner and then went to Bruster’s for ice cream.  Eh we weren’t impressed with the ice cream so won’t be going back but it was still fun!   When we got home we set up the tent and tunnel my cousin Carolyn, her husband Tom and little girl Hadley got Brendan for his birthday.  He loves this tunnel tent.  It’s now filled with his toys and he plays in it all day.


I almost forgot Lauren and Milo went to the National Harbor a couple weeks ago and knowing that we love Peeps made a pit stop to get us some, so sweet!  Brendan had his first chocolate covered peep …he’s a big fan!



As you all know from previous posts Brendan loves the show Little Einsteins.  He is always talking about rocket from the show so I went on Amazon and found him a stuffed version of rocket. It arrived Monday and he has been lugging it all over town to daycare, the stores, to bed and really anywhere he goes.








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