Last weekend we were here Saturday doing work on the back of the house and decided we needed a break so we called my parents and made a reservation at their house for the night. We arrived at the shore house around lunch time Sunday, hung out for a bit and then headed over to the island for some beach time. Much like last year Brendan is not a fan of the sand (although he is doing better) but he really does not like the ocean at all. It was quite funny to watch Devin’s attempts at getting Brendan in the ocean while Brendan clung to him like a koala. Devin would put him down and Brendan would just run with all he had to get away from the ocean. So we stayed for a bit built some sand shapes, Brendan took a short nap on me ( :)) and then headed back off the island to the bay beach. Brendan did much better in the bay we think because it is calm and warmer than the ocean. He did so well in fact that every time Devin would try to come out of the water Brendan would pull him back in and say “this way!” We stayed there for probably an hour or so before we went back to the house to get showered and changed for dinner.

Since it was my birthday my parents took us to Mud City which is my absolute favorite food ever! We enjoyed some good food, watched a storm roll through and then went home for some cake (cookie cake from Sam’s club…it’s delicious!) that Devin brought with us from Maryland. Brendan is the best at singing the happy birthday song and an even better helper for blowing out candles. šŸ™‚

After cake my dad and Devin put on a small fireworks display for us out back. This is a tradition ever since I was a little kid šŸ™‚ Brendan wasn’t scared at all he was clapping and loved watching the show. And big news…Sunday night for the first time ever Brendan slept in a regular bed at the shore house. He is no longer a pack-n-play kid. He slept for the longest he ever has at the shore house šŸ™‚

Sunday morning we were all up early and headed out on the boat for a cruise and some time in the bay. This was our first time jumping off the boat to enjoy the bay and it was awesome like we can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner. Brendan was a bit scared at first but once we were all in, and yes we all went in, and he had Mamie’s boogie board he was fine. We swam for a bit and then headed back to the house for an early dinner before we headed back to Maryland.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay at the shore for more fireworks because both Devin and me had to work Tuesday. However we did make it back in time to go to some fireworks by our house. We got awesome seats and enjoyed a great show. Brendan clapped every time a new firework went off in the sky. So nice to see the
magic in his eyes. šŸ™‚


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