“It hurts Mommy it hurts”

So Friday late in the evening Brendan was complaining his leg hurt but we thought it was just sore from the vaccination he received earlier in the day. However when we went to put him to bed his temperature was elevated so we gave him so Children’s Advil and put him to bed, check on him a bit later and his temp was back to normal.  We thought he would be fine…until Saturday morning he woke up and wouldn’t go down the little ladder to get out of his bed, he wouldn’t walk, wanted to be carried everywhere and kept saying “It hurts Mommy.” Bonus: that’s a new phrase for him and sounds so cute. Devin and I were both concerned about this because Brendan hasn’t ever had this problem before after vaccinations so we weren’t sure what was going on.  We decided to give it some time, see if we could get him to walk and reassess it at noon.  Noon came and he was a little better so we decided to wait some more. I took Brendan to Toys R Us to look for Little Einsteins toys or dvd’s since it’s his latest obsession. And yes it really is an obsession because from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed it’s what he talks about..rocket this and rocket that and oh did I mention there are only 3 episodes on OnDemand so yeh good times haha.  We weren’t able to find any Little Einsteins toys in the store but we did get a dvd,  a friction choochoo and some Cars2 Legos  that he absolutely loves!  Anyways by Saturday his legs was a lot better so the stress was gone from worrying about that.  🙂  And of course I cannot for the life of me remember which vaccination he got last Friday.

When we left Toys R Us Brendan enjoyed a quick ride with his buddy Garfield. 🙂


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