He finally broke 30 pounds!

Wednesday night it was hot, humid but bearable so we after work and school we took Brendan out to the common area to get in some t-ball practice.  He had his own ideas of what he wanted to do, like play soccer with a baseball (weirdo!) but he did get in a couple swings and might I add he’s pretty good 🙂



After baseball Brendan cooked us some dinner on his super awesome grill 🙂


Friday morning Brendan had his 3 year check-up with the pediatrician.  He did so so so so so good at this visit you could really tell he is maturing because he sat there and let the nurse take his temp, blood pressure, check his heart and lungs, and measure and weigh him. Once the doctor came in she checked everything she had to and raised two concerns. The one I was not surprised by, his speech delay.  We have the paperwork to have Brendan reevaluated, it’s filled out but we kept hoping he would just wake up and start speaking clearly. It’s not happening so the paperwork is going in this week. She also wants OT (occupational therapy) to also evaluate him when the team comes out to do the speech evaluation.  She noticed, as Devin and I have, that Brendan does not walk like other children. If you remember back in October we took Brendan to an Orthopedist to check out his hips because of his “W” sitting. Dr. G pointed out that his gait is wider then it should be and that could be why he is clumsy. His legs are also tight, which she said is common in premature babies and they should be able to help with that.  So this week as I said the paperwork is going in and hopefully soon the team will be able to evaluate Brendan and get us some help for him.

Weight:  31 pounds!  (finally broke 30 pounds!) – 15%

Height: 36 in – 30%

So he is making some progress which is awesome!  Brendan also got another vaccination at his appointment and he took it like a champ.  The whole way home he kept pointing out his booboo and being the sucker I am asked if he wanted a toy. He said “target” so to Target we went and purchased some play-doh – the ice cream shop one to be exact. We played ice cream parlor for the better part of the afternoon, then he napped and we played ice cream parlor all night too.  Big hit good purchase!





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