Can you tell me…

how to get …how to get to Sesame Place!?

Well we figured while we were up in Philly we should put one of Brendan’s birthday gifts to good use.  We were lucky to receive an extremely generous gift of season passes to Sesame place for all three of us. 🙂  We got there early and got some great parking thanks to my Uncle Jim 🙂

We didn’t have a plan for where to go first or what to do but we found ourselves in the water section so we started off with the watering can splash pad, then onto the lazy river, Ernie’s pool and Slimey’s chute. The lines for the rides are a bit long especially when you are waiting in line with a toddler who doesn’t get the concept of waiting in line. We decided to split up the rides with Devin doing the water ones and me the dry ones, this worked perfect for us






We also got to take his picture in the firetruck.  This firetruck is a memory spot for me as I had my picture taken in it several times as a kid.  🙂


For the dry rides Brendan and I went on Elmo’s flying fish, Peek-a-bug (?) and blast-off (now this is not a ride I would typically go on but Brendan wanted to so I faced my fears!).  Devin also tried taking Brendan in the climbing nets but Brendan was not enjoying it.





We had a great time…Brendan got some treats at the gift shop – a spinning Elmo light and a soft ball.  He passed out in the car on the way back to my parents house.   We CANNOT wait to go back again!


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