Aye Aye Captain!

I forgot to mention last Thursday I had an event in the evening for my internship so Devin was on Dad duty until I got home. When he picked up Brendan from daycare Brendan was not in the shirt I sent him in so Devin knew something had happened. Turns out the kids are learning to use scissors and my little angel decided to cut his shirt! So the teachers “fired” him from scissor use for one day. Hope he does better next time haha.

Saturday morning we loaded up the car to head to the Shore shack, A.K.A. my parents shore house. Traffic wasn’t bad at all so we made excellent timing. Once there we found out the guy was coming to put the boat in the water in the late afternoon. We had some lunch, relaxed on the deck, Devin showed Brendan how awesome water guns are, got some pretzels, Brendan tried and loved blueberries, and then the boys went to put the boat in the water for the season. After dinner Devin and Brendan did some crabbing off the deck while my dad worked on the boat. 🙂

The boys had quite the adventure on the boats first journey of the season. My dad let Brendan drive the boat and said he did really well and liked to go fast, shocking haha!


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