Big wheels

Well this week has been another scorcher here in Maryland and we finally welcomed the season to match the temperatures.  This week I was “working” everyday so  Brendan was also at daycare everyday.  We are very lucky that he enjoys going there so much.  I found that if I say “do you want to go to school?” he cries but when I say “do you want to go see your friends?”  he is always excited to go.  This week there were two new boys at the daycare and they quickly became friends with Brendan.  Monday when I picked him up all the kids were playing together and Brendan was wearing an orange cape like a superhero.  It’s always nice to see his big smile when I pick him up for the day, how he runs into my arms with a hug and a kiss and as soon as we get into the Jeep he shows me all the pictures he made for me that day.

Wednesday night I was doing some cleaning so Devin took Brendan out front to play with his Radio Flyer big wheel. Brendan still is a bit to short to reach the pedals but I think by August he will be able to reach them and learn to pedal.  Either way he had a great time riding around Flintstone style and he and Devin improvised a dangerous yet fun way to enjoy his bike.



Thursday night I was working an event for my internship so Devin had to pick up Brendan and do the whole nighttime routine. Of course Thursday would be the day Brendan was “bad” at daycare.  On his what I did today sheet his teachers noted that he is fired from the scissors for 1 day because he purposely cut his shirt.  He knew he did it to and didn’t lie about it because both Devin and I asked him and he said he did it but wouldn’t say why.   No more scissors, hah!


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