Bye bye crib!

Friday morning Brendan and I enjoyed playing with some play-doh he got as a gift for his birthday.  I had forgotten how fun it is to play with play-doh and it was also exciting to see Brendan enjoying himself.

Friday night when Devin got home from work we set up Brendan’s new bed. We were lucky that Brendan has only jumped out of his crib once and that was back in October. After that jump he never tried again. However, the time has come..he is getting to big and needed a bigger spot. Luckily we already had a twin mattress and box spring so all we had to buy was the bed frame we wanted. Awhile ago when I started looking for a bed for him I found one that I thought would be perfect but then decided to hold off on buying it. Well today we bought it and set it up for Brendan. He was sooooo excited to see his new bed. The bed is by Step2, called lifestyle – it’s captain style so it has storage underneath of it and he won’t fall out of it because the sides are rails. Once we had it all set up we had Brendan come up to see it. I caught his reaction on video:

We put him to bed at his regular time with no fight. Once we left his room he sobbed for a couple minutes so we went in to reassure him, give him some books and left again. This time he did better but again started to cry so again I went to check on him to calm him down. Right now I am watching him on the monitor he is obviously out of the bed, haha, he’s playing with his door.

He did eventually fall asleep but Saturday morning was up way to early and was crying at his door.  He was obviously scared, understandably, because he know had this new big bed and his room was pretty empty. But when I put Brendan down for his nap he was fine, no tears and went right to sleep. So we got lucky, again, this was an easy transition for us.  Brendan has now been in his big boy bed for about a week and he love love loves it. He sleeps with his stuffed cat, dog, his trucks, and a stack of books.  He also loves playing hideseek as he calls it 🙂

I am having a hard time finding cute toddler boys sheets so if any of you have recommendations please send them my way. Right now he has super cute robot sheets my mom and I found last Summer but I need to get a couple more sets. 🙂

We officially put his crib in the trash this week so there is no going back now.


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