Grill master!

At the end of Brendan’s party my cousin Beth and her fiancee’ Pete asked Devin and I to be in their wedding. YAY, we can’t wait!

After Brendan’s party we headed back to my parents for a bit.  Brendan took a quick nap and then opened his presents from my mom & dad and Stephen & Savannah.  He got some awesome stuff and is one very lucky boy!

"It's a Jeep!"


We also stopped to see Gram on our way back. She was happy to see us and Brendan loved seeing her too 🙂

Monday was beautiful outside so we played on the deck with Brendan’s grill 🙂




Monday night Brendan opened up another gift. This one was from his Aunt Kim, Uncle Dan and Cousin Daniel, Joey and Bryan.  They got him an awesome car that pops wheelies , makes all kinds of noises and does some cool tricks.  Brendan loves it so much he slept with it that night.

More to come about his birthday…  🙂


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