Fest 2011

The weeks are just flying by here for us and although I am not a working mom I am an interning mom. My internship is going great in fact I love it, like really love it! We are adjusting to a change in schedule, with Brendan now in daycare for 3 full days and having to basically jam all errands into the other days of the week. But I am not complaining at all. 🙂  I do find that now I get even more hugs, kisses and cuddle time with Brendan so that is a major plus. 🙂


Last week was spent solidifying details for Brendan’s 3rd birthday party, buying stuff for goodie bags and Friday I took him for a haircut. He again did great at  Pigtails & Crewcuts. I always forget that getting his haircut makes him look older  and not so baby anymore 😦   Friday night we did our weekly tradition of dinner with our friends Lauren and Milo.  Thursday night I made the mistake of mentioning to Brendan that we were going to see Lauren and Milo Friday. Well he immediately wanted to get dressed, saying “jeans on”  and “see see auren.”   So Friday when he did actually get to see them he was soooo happy.



Saturday we went to Bowiefest or really just the playground and had some shaved ice. Brendan had a lot of fun at the playground, Devin and I were exhausted from chasing him and making sure he didn’t jump off anything to high. Brendan also went down the big slide all by himself …he was scared and sat at the top for a couple seconds but then he went and the crowd cheered for him. 🙂 Saturday night Devin went to the Kenny Chesney concert and Brendan and I went shopping in Annapolis. We ended our trip to the mall with a stop for some playtime in the new play area specifically for young kids.





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