The pacifier has left the building!

Some pictures from last week…he turned the camera on me, again.   “Cheese mommy cheese”

So attempt number one at getting rid of the pacifier was very successful. Brendan took a good long nap and was fine. When he woke up he handed me the “goken” pacifier reminded me it was in fact “goken” and so I said ” ok it’s broken so I am going to throw it away.”

We were nervous for bed time but Brendan is like seriously the most awesome kid ever. He cried for maybe 30 seconds before he was out cold for the night.

Sunday we went into D.C. to the National Law Enforcement Officers memorial and last day of Police Week. We attempted to go to the Crime & Punishment museum since they are/were doing free admission for LEO but Brendan was worn out and we needed to go home so we will go back in another day.

Mr. TooCool heading into D.C.

Brendan did just as awesome Sunday as he did Saturday night. He asked for his pacifier I reminded him it was broken and we had thrown it away so he put his head down and was out within a couple minutes.   🙂

Today he started saying “cheese” when I pointed the camera at him and didn’t stop until I put the camera away haa!

love him!


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One response to “The pacifier has left the building!

  1. Mamie

    Those pics in his PJ’s are just beautiful…he is so gorgeous….just want to smother him with kisses…

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