“it’s goken”

Well today is the day, it has to be done and so we are weaning Brendan from his beloved pacifier.  Now he doesn’t use it all the time and he most certainly does not need it anymore. I do think he uses it now out of habit.   Brendan was never one to use his pacifier at all times, except when he was a baby baby, we just let him use it at sleep (nap and bed) times.   When he started daycare back in January I sent him with a pacifier knowing that for us he will not sleep without it but they sent it home on day one and said no need to send it back because he didn’t need it. WHAT!?!!   I could not believe my little guy successfully not only slept there but did so without his pacifier.  He will soon be turning three and it is time for his pacifier to finally go.   So today we went to the Amish market for breakfast with our friends Lauren and Milo where Brendan once again was able to show off what  big boy he is by not sitting in a highchair nor in a booster seat but just in the booth with us grown ups while he munched on his mmmlicious toast and drank his cup of apple juice.  Today is the day that we are pulling the plug on his plug.

Brendan naps for typically 3 hours in the afternoon. I am lucky I know I am lucky and he truly does need that sleep.  So when we got home from breakfast the decision was made the pacifier has to go bye-byes.  Brendan went down for his nap at 1:21 p.m. EST without a pacifier. Notice I didn’t say without a fight because he screamed and howled “pacifier pacifier pacifier” over and over and over again. I waited five minutes to try and calm him down to no avail. He is persistent but not more then his mom and dad so we let him cry some more and I remembered a trick some friends have used for their children.  I snuck a pacifier out of his room and cut the tip off of it then gave it back to him. He was not happy at all with me. He looked at it and said “it’s goken” he’s right it is and I broke it.

He cried off and on for 21 minutes before finally falling asleep.  This doesn’t feel right, in fact it feels extremely wrong but we know it has to be done.  For now he is asleep and Devin and I have won the first battle with weaning him from the pacifier.  I hope tonight at bed time goes better because this is breaking my heart 😦



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2 responses to ““it’s goken”

  1. Mamie

    All I will say is that the Pacifier seems to have not fallen far from the tree/crib. You too waled for a bit, but after a few years it stopped and by the end of high school you had adjusted(just kidding)…hang tough, these are the easy ones, wait until he tells you he is moving 3000 miles away…love you, Mom

  2. Steve

    Dear Brendan,

    Either one, or both, of your Pop’s will fix anything for you. If it can’t be fixed, we’ll get you a new one. Just call us on the cell phone that we hid in your room!


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