Chicken soup with rice

Well we have been busy; adjusting to not having a dog, solidifying my internship, finishing up the semester which has been one that started off bad but ended up being a good semester and with a sick little boy. But here is a bit of what we have been up to other then those things and of course some of the cute things Brendan is saying and doing now.

Devin and Brendan have been working on the backyard….their mission: get grass growing and level out the platform for the shed. It is so incredibly cute to watch the two of them together. Brendan thinks he is one of the big kids so he just picks up a shovel/hoe/rake and starts doing the same thing as Devin.

checking out the worms, YUCK!

he saw Devin do this so of course he had to do it to πŸ™‚

Tuesday of the following week Brendan was a little off but I attributed it to him missing his puppy dog and allergies. i was wrong, he was sick..I got a call from daycare around lunch time that he was just “off” and had a fever of 103.4 so I left campus, grabbed Brendan from daycare and our awesome pediatrician got him in right away. Poor little guy had a double ear infection and croup. He didn’t show any typical signs of an ear infection like pulling his ear or anything. 😦 She sent us home with a prescription for amoxicillin, liquids and rest. His fever did break that night but we kept him home from daycare the rest of the week just to be on the safe side. πŸ™‚

By Friday (the 6th) he was fine and back to his usual shennanigans. So we played a lot, he requested chicken nuggets so I made them and gobbled them up (score!) and then we had a visit from Super Brendan. Now Super Brendan doesn’t have a cape just yet so for now he wears a hooded bath towel from when he was a wee little baby. He cracked up everytime I would go “it’s super Brendan dudududa!”

And a couple cute blurbs…

When I knock on Brendan’s door after his nap I have been trying to get him to say come in. Sometimes if I am lucky he will giggle and say come in but recently he has started saying “uh oh!” haha I don’t know where he got that from.

We were looking over his “what I did today” sheets from daycare where Devin spotted some songs they listen to so he checked youtube for them. One song is called Alligators all around and the other Chicken soup with rice. Brendan apparently knows these songs very well because when he heard them he perked right up and he even knows some of the words to each song. So cute to see him bopping his little head and singing.

He also has a new fascination with playing “Where is it?” which is when Brendan will hold something under a blanket, behind a pillow or behind him and say with his little smirk “Where is it?”


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