So last Saturday, April 30, we took Brendan to an event I have wanted to take him to for awhile now but it seemed every time we had the chance something came up and we would miss it. This year that all changed because we made sure to stick around in MD that weekend so we could go to it. The proceeds went to a great cause, The Center for Children, and it was awesome. So the set up is all these trucks, cars, motorcycles, bounce houses and other assorted activities they are all kid friendly meaning the kids can climb in them, push all the buttons for sirens and such and of course take some pictures too ๐Ÿ™‚ Brendan’s buddies Cameron and Evan met us there and we hung out for a bit but the boys wanted to go in different directions hah. Brendan loved all the trucks but the firetruck was his absolute favorite!

* disclaimer: the pictures aren’t the greatest … I wasn’t exactly in the best spirits

Brendan and Devin started off with a train/tramcar ride. As soon as Brendan saw it he started saying "Choo choo. Choo choo. choo choo peas"

SWAT team truck

Laura, Cameron, Evan and Brendan...;pick a duck get a prize ๐Ÿ™‚

he is still wearing that fireman hat at some point every day!


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