The Easter bunny came!

Sunday was Easter and Brendan was spoiled by the family as usual.   It was a crazy day for us since we did a day trip to Philly so we held off on doing our Easter until this coming Sunday.   At any rate we were up early and on the road by 9 a.m. When we got to Philly my mom and dad had an egg hunt for Brendan and the Easter bunny left a basket for him there,lucky boy!

Shortly after the egg hunt was completed, yes he did find all 11 (one had broken) real dyed eggs we headed up to Aunt Geri and Uncle Jims for the traditional Easter feast.   We started off with the traditional rock picture.  And then Aunt Geri and Uncle Jim also had an egg hunt for Brendan, so sweet, and got him this awesome sphere ball thing that he absolutely loves.  He actually slept with the sphere ball Sunday night when we got home. They hid 12 plastic eggs outside that were filled with either coins or Goldfish in various flavors and some had animal crackers.Beth and Pete also had an Easter basket for this very lucky boy of mine and Aunt Diane and Uncle Phil showed up with a bucket of Diego (one of his favorite shows!) themed bubbles for Brendan.  He was a happy boy!

Um guys I want to get down now 🙂

walk up the hill with his Pop

and now with his dad to feed the deer

smooches for Gram

Thanks Aunt Beth and Pete!

he was sooo excited for these bubbles!


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