Brendan’s vacation with Mamie and Pop

So last weekend while Devin and I were in Miami Brendan got to spend the weekend with my mom and dad. To say he was spoiled rotten is an understatement.  He absolutely loved spending time with his Mamie and Pop and all the adventures they went on together.   My mom and dad said he was very good, he ate and slept well for them too.

Friday morning while my dad was taking Devin and I to the airport my mom fed Brendan some breakfast off eggs, toast and a juice box.

In the afternoon my mom took Brendan over to see Gram.   He had a tasty gift for her…cookies from Harry&David that he picked out a couple weeks ago. My mom says Brendan and Gram both enjoyed a cookie.

playing wack-a-mole with his Pop

Friday night Brendan, my mom and dad joined my Aunt Sheryl, Uncle George and Hayley at hr boyfriend Erich’s house for pre-prom pictures.  As you will see in the pictures Brendan was in heaven with all the girls ooohing and aaahing over him. And as luck would have it Brendan matched Hayley’s dress.

After pre-prom pictures Brendan, my mom and dad headed over to my Aunt Geri and Uncle Jim’s for a visit and some pizza.

Saturday they took him to Fox chase farms to see the ducks, cows, geese, horses and other animals.

My mom and dad brought bread with them to the farm so Brendan could feed the ducks.  They said he was so good at throwing the bread but would get sad/upset at the ducks when they wouldn’t take the bread. So he started chasing them with the bread hahah.

After going to the farm they packed their bags and headed to the shore house for the night.   While at the shore my parents set up a Cars themed foam playmat, took Brendan to a couple playgrounds and went seashell hunting on the beach.

My mom and dad took a couple videos too while Brendan was with them but I will post them another time.   Brendan had so much fun with his mamie and pop.   🙂


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  1. Mamie

    He is so damn adorable…Thanks Again for trusting us to take care of him! xoxo Mom

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