Miami Miami you’ve blue skies sunshine white sand by the mile

* above lyrics from the Miami song featured on Golden Girls 🙂 *

A couple weeks ago I asked my parents a HUGE favor…to watch Brendan for a couple nights so Devin and I could get away. They happily obliged and we booked our trip to Miami.  We just wanted to go for a couple days, since it was my first time leaving Brendan and school is in session so we had to work around my class schedule.   We chose Miami because it’s a quick flight at a little over 2 hours, it’s sunny and we were trying to beat the winter blues and we were trying to keep the trip from breaking the bank. We found a great deal through travelocity so if you are looking for good prices check them out. 🙂

So last Thursday we loaded up the car with 3 suitcases (1 for Brendan,  1 for us and a carry-on), a bag of toys, a stroller, carseat, dog and the three of us to head on up to Philadelphia.  We booked our trip leaving from and flying into Philly to make things easier for my parents and us.  When we got to Philly it was  a beautiful day and my mom and dad were heading over to meet my cousin Carolyn and her husband Toms new baby, Hadley.   Luckily Devin, Brendan and I were able to tag-a-long to meet Hadley to.  (Sidenote: She is absolute perfection!) I got to snuggle with Hadley for a bit, Brendan was cautious with her which made me very happy because you never know what  toddler will do but he did eventually touch her hand and was so sweet.

Friday morning my dad drove Devin and I to the airport for our early, 930, flight to Miami.  Getting through security was a breeze and we had some time to kill so Devin got some breakfast and then we waited and waited.   The flight was packed (US airways) solid but a smooth and quick ride.

so excited for relaxation!

Hello Miami!

Once we got to Miami we had about a half hour cab ride to the hotel.  Our room wasn’t ready so we went to the bar by the pool for a bit to get our couple days of relaxing started. We only called once to check on Brendan…my mom and dad were awesome about texting us pictures which really made it easy for us to relax.

Saturday morning we were up early and the big decision of the day was to start at the pool or the beach…life was tough hahah!  We started off at the pool, where we both got burnt but didn’t realize it until later on that night.  It was so hot, but not to hot that you can’t be outside.  We spent the afternoon lounging poolside with drinks in hand …lunch poolside and swimming.   In the early evening we moved over to the beach which was just awesome and so different from what we are used to.  I am not saying that different is good or bad but it was a nice change of scenery.  The water was so blue and beautiful and you could see the fish swimming, algae floating and it was warm like bathtub water warm, AWESOME!   Saturday night Devin discovered there was an MMA fight going on in the grand ballroom of the hotel and even better the proceeds were going to FLEOA (an organization that hopefully we won’t ever need!).  So we got into some dress clothes and headed on up to the ballroom. I was hesitant to go to this fight but it was for a good cause and I will admit I enjoyed it.   It was pretty cool to the one fighters mom and step-dad were sitting in front of us and we were talking to them they were nice but sooo nervous.  By the way their son won his fight 🙂

Devin winning us some free drinks 🙂

I wasn't to sure about the fight

Sunday we were burnt to a crisp, Devin moreso then myself so we bummed in the morning by grabbing some breakfast, enjoying the view from our balcony and then in the later afternoon we went to have lunch poolside and relax on the beach.

our room

our view

don't we look so relaxed!?

Monday morning we were up before the sun and heading to the airport to get home to our Brendan 🙂 Of course I had to get one last picture in Miami…sunrise and it was beautiful!

So we didn’t do much but be beach and pool bums but really that is what we wanted for this trip. Where we stayed was a family resort and just watching the parents never stop chasing their kids was exhausting.  We are so glad we got this trip and thankful to my parents for watching Brendan for us for a couple days.  We are already thinking of planning another trip and I can’t wait!


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