mommom’s birthday

Our (Devin and me) moms share a birthday but since we can’t be in two places at once we couldn’t be with Devin’s mom on her actual birthday. So Sunday morning I made a cake (funfetti with half chocolate and half vanilla frosting) and in the early afternoon we loaded up to head up to Delaware. We haven’t seen Devin’s mom and dad since November because they have been in Florida. Devin’s dad was impressed that Brendan didn’t make strange with them. Devin’s mom had gone out and gotten some Mega Bloks for Brendan and the kids to play with while there. 🙂 Devin’s sister, Debbie, Denny and the kids also came over after my nephew Derick’s baseball practice. It was soooo good to see them and Brendan of course loved hanging out with his cousins. Seriously he just adores them. Hopefully we will see more of them now that the weather is getting nice. Devin’s mom made some sausage and meatballs for dinner, then we had cake, did some karaoke and we all hit the road.

watching the Phillies game with Poppop

with his godmother 🙂

he thinks he's one of the big kids 😉

playing in a moving box with Dana

stealing the show from Dennis 🙂

he wore everyones baseball caps, so cute!

older cousins teaching the litte cousins stuff make me happy 🙂

TROUBLE! caught these two jumping on the bed!

cousins 🙂

It was good to see everyone. It was a looooonggggg weekend spent mostly in the car but so worth it for the memories that were made!


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