Mamie’s birthday!

So my brother and I pulled off an awesome surprise for my mom this year for her birthday. He and Savannah flew in 2 nights before her birthday to surprise her. My mom says she was totally surprised and thought she was dreaming, yay go us! And on Saturday morning Devin, Brendan and I got ready and headed up to Philly for the day to celebrate her birthday.

We started off with Brendan giving my mom a present and a piece of art he made at daycare.

checking out his artwork on Mamie and Pops fridge

For lunch my mom made Brendan a “mmmmlicious” (brendans word) grilled cheese…

During lunch Stephen and Savannah woke up. Brendan, and all of us, were sooooo happy to see them. Brendan lovedddddd hanging out with his Uncle Stephen. Stephen was impressed with how much Brendan talks now and how much he has changed in just about two months.

showing Uncle Stephen he isn't the only gadget guru

monkey see...

monkey do

My mom didn’t want a party or a fancy dinner so we got a huge spread of Sweet Lucy’s for dinner. This food is phenomenal and consistently delicious! After dinner Aunt Sheryl, Hayley and her boyfriend came over for cake,from Stock’s of course. Brendan was his Mamie’s helper with blowing out the candles. He had so much fun and it’s great practice for his birthday in a couple months.

Hayley brought Brendan an Easter themed Mr. potato head 🙂

first taste of say he loved them is an understatement!


Mamie we did it, YAYAYAYAY!


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One response to “Mamie’s birthday!

  1. Mamie

    what a wonderful way to start my day!!!!! Thank you are wonderful….

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