Cherry Blossoms 2011 :)

Last Friday my cousin Beth and her boyfriend Pete came down for 2 nights to see Brendan, us and to go into D.C. for the cherry blossoms. They got into town around dinner time Friday night. We all hung out at the house a little, Cherokee made a new friend (Pete), Brendan got a new dump truck that he just LOVES! and then we went to dinner. We went to a place called Dickey’s – it’s barbecue and pretty good, bonus they have free soft serve ice cream for all paying customers. We all enjoyed dinner, Brendan had some ice cream and we came back to the house to chat some more and come up with our plan for Saturday. 🙂

doing puzzles with Aunt Beth...everytime he got a piece right he would throw his hands in the air and go "YAY!"

Saturday we were all up early to meet up at the hotel and head into D.C. We started out with some pictures with Cherry blossom trees , then headed out for some lunch at Penn Quarter sports tavern (it was pretty good) and then we headed to the American History museum. Luckily D.C. wasn’t to bad, it is unseasonably cold so there weren’t to many people out…at least not like in past years. From there we headed over to Georgetown to try out Sprinkles cupcakes. Devin, Brendan and I weren’t impressed but Beth and Pete enjoyed their cupcakes. 🙂

excited and ready to head into D.C.!

it was cold! Thankfully Devin had a hat for Brendan in the Jeep 🙂

Beth and Pete


checking out the teenage mutant ninja turtle 🙂


with Aunt Beth outside of Sprinkles



After our tour of D.C. and Georgetown we all headed home for a quick rest.  For dinner we headed into Annapolis and wound up at a place called Federal House it’s right at city dock and was pretty good 🙂 Brendan was shamelessly flirting with the table of girls behind us…lord help me when he is 15!

Sunday morning after Beth and Pete packed up we all headed to the diner for brunch and they hit the road.

We had such a good visit and hope they come back again soon!




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