Brendan met Elmo!

Saturday, Devin worked, so Brendan and I headed up to Philly for the night. Our mission was for me and my mom to get to meet my cousins baby Mia. Of course my parents had some presents for Brendan some of which are his new favorites.  They got him a bulldozer shaped plate and a John Deere tractor toddler dinnerware set. I am happy to say mission accomplished.  Mia is perfect, squishy and absolutely perfect. It was nice to get to hold a teeny tiny baby again. While my mom and I were out Brendan hung out with my dad…they did boy stuff and went for a long walk to the diner for some cookies. 🙂

After that I took Brendan over to see Gram. We got to her at dinner time so we joined her in the dining hall.  It was so nice as soon as Brendan saw Gram he got a huge smile on his face and dove into her lap.  Gram is always afraid that Brendan is scared of her because of her tube (he’s not) or that he has forgotten who she is (he hasn’t).   He sat with her for a good while in her chair, did some high fives with Grams friends, had them all laughing while eating.  After Gram was finished her meal Brendan pushed her in her wheelchair back to her room.   Once we were in the room Brendan looked up saw a picture of Poppy and said “Pop”.   I admit I teared up, (and now I am again!)  I think Gram did too, I am so happy he knows Pop and remembers him.



From grams we headed back to my mom and dads. Brendan jammed out to some music, the Aladdin soundtrack that he and my dad like to listen to.  He thinks he is sooo cool with his headphones on. Brendan also enjoyed playing the piano and he can now get on and off the piano bench himself, yay!


Later on Aunt Sheryl, Hayley and Hayley’s boyfriends Erich came over.  Hayley has a job working at children’s parties so she came over with her Elmo costume to surprise Brendan, so sweet!   He was pretty afraid of Elmo but after a little bit Brendan did throw out a high-five and wasn’t trying to run out the door ahah.




Great weekend with one awesome family!


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  1. Mamie

    How surreal is that picture of Elmo in one wing chair and BGH and Dad in the other, like just another typical Saturday night at Mamie and Pop’s…Love it, and love you!

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