Mardi Gras, slinky dog and Alphie

This past week flew by like they all seem to be doing lately. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that so I think I will be a little of each.  So this week we did a lot. Devin said the people he works with requested cupcakes, again, so I whipped up some mardi gras themed cupcakes for them. He took them in Tuesday and said they were all gone very quickly.   I used yellow cake;  gel food coloring in golden sun, leaf green and violet, split the batter into three bowls added the coloring until it was the color I wanted and then spooned them into the cupcake holders.  I did something similar a couple years ago for Devins birthday using all the primary colors and they were a hit then too. These cupcakes are really fun and unique because none of them look alike. While I baked Brendan played with his bike, pinwheel, stinky and workbench.  He was doing all kinds of dangerous things on his bike. I am sure his teen years will bring us many trips to the emergency room, ;).

We also have a new phrase this week. When Brendan is playing at his workbench or carrying around his toolbox he says he is “fixin'” stuff. It’s so cute!



He can only reach the pedal on one side...hopefully by the Summer he can get to both pedals 🙂



one hat wasn't enough


Tuesday Brendan and I both had school.  He did ok at drop-off a little resistance but he did go in so that’s always good haha.  They learned again about the color green, read a bajillion books and made some more artwork for the fridge.


Last Christmas, 09, my one sil and bil got Brendan the slinky dog from Toy Story. It’s been in his closet waiting for the perfect moment for him to play with it.  It’s so cute we were afraid he would break it before now.  So Tuesday after school we broke it out.  Brendan has been dragging, carrying, hugging and kissing it all day everyday since then.   He goes AWW. Great gift!


SO mad this one came out blurry but I had to snap it before he moved hah




Wednesday we added Alphie back into the mix.   Brendan just cracks up laughing when he hears this little robot talking to him.   He lugs him around and actually refused to nap without Alphie by his side.

teaching Alphie the proper way to go down the steps


Oh Alphie you are so funny!


Thursday brought us back to school again…this time was different Brendan walked in on his own, took his banana, kissed me goodbye and off he went. They played a game with pretend leprechauns, practiced identifying letters and numbers and Brendan asked a teacher to tie his shoe!


This morning was rough, like I have never had this experience with Brendan, but he was so unlike himself.  Maybe teeth, a growth spurt or wrong side of the bed!?! Who knows but luckily his whole attitude changed after a nap and bath. We played on his big piano. He loves to go sliding across it making music then stops to dance to it.  My boy has the beat in him 🙂 Tonight we went to a local pizza place for dinner since it’s Lent. When we were leaving a firetruck was there…Brendan was looking at it so the firefighters were extremely nice and turned on the lights and let Brendan go in the truck.  He didn’t like being in the truck so much but he LOVED the lights and siren. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics since I didn’t have a camera with me, omg I know!?


Great week!


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