planes, soccer and shades!

Saturday was a fairly nice day so we headed across the bridge to check out the outlet mall. We got Brendan a couple shirts, adorable madras swim trunks and some delicious Pepperidge farm treats 🙂

Sunday we went to the Borders by our house…they are one of the locations closing so they are starting to markdown stuff. We got Brendan some great books by Tonka, a take-a-part airplane and an activity for stringing laces through shapes. The plane is his favorite thing in the world right now… he drug it all around Borders, through Target and played with it all night Sunday.

In the evening Sunday we went over to the field to kick around the soccer ball. Brendan is doing much better with his kicking 🙂

Monday we practiced stringing laces through shapes and naming the animal shapes. He can identify ducks, cows, pigs, cats, dogs and birds. And he can oink like a’s adorable!

Tuesday it was back to school for Brendan and I had my first test of the semester for my family law class. Brendan had a good day at school and was excited to see his friends. 🙂

Wednesday Brendan perfected the rockstar kissy face. He is just tooooo much. We had each other cracking up laughing making the kissy face.

Thursday morning he was a BIG boy and carried his lunchbag to the Jeep. This is a big deal because the past couple times he has seen the lunchbag he would start to shed some tears. 😦 At drop-off one of Brendan’s friends saw him and was so sweet by asking Brendan to come play with him.  Kids are so sweet.  At daycare they worked on counting with a clock and read some books.


Today we went to Michael’s to get some baking supplies we also got some beach toys and quite possibly the greatest pair of sunglasses for a toddler ever!

yes it's blurry but it's hard to get this little guy to cooperate ... anyways how cute are these glasses!?!

perfect ending to the week!


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