Fun at Port Discovery!

Excited to be going to Port Discovery

Friday Devin took off for the day so we went to Port Discovery in Baltimore.  We took Brendan to Port Discovery last June…he had a lot of fun then BUT on Friday he was had even more fun.  I say this often but we feel so lucky to be his mom and dad, to see the world through his eyes, how excited he gets about everything.  When we walked through the doors he got a huge smile on his face and said “WOW!”

So we started off in the new section called Tot Trails.  It’s pretty awesome and you have to go through doors to get in it so all the kids are contained making our lives a bit easier 🙂

it's like a huge Lite Brite


Next up Devin and Brendan went into the big climbing structure in the middle of Port Discovery.  Brendan wasn’t to keen on it but he will do anything his dad
does 🙂



Next up we went into Miss Perception’s mystery house…




spooky mirror changed from a regular mirror to one that makes you look ghost-like


back into the climbing structure…


he got about half way down before deciding he didn't like it


The next section was Brendan’s favorite part…water works! Pretty cool they have a section to splash, a section with hoses to make water chimes, a big bubble hoop and a lot more. We also took off Brendan’s shirt for this part, leaving him in a tshirt, because we knew he would be soaked…we were so right!



making a big bubble...


he thought this was soooo cool!


practicing for the boardwalk this Summer 🙂


We ended our visit with a round of toddler soccer…soooo cute! And a pit stop at Royal Farms.  I cannot wait to sign Brendan up for soccer next year!



From Port Discovery we went to a place called Two Boots pizza for some lunch.   We had pizza, fries and Devin enjoyed some fried mac n cheese.  The pizza was pretty good but a bit spicy for us.

enjoying a HUGE piece of pizza. Devin had to teach Brendan the fine art of pizza folding 🙂



He was worn out!






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