Jeep, latches and cupcakes

Saturday morning we were all up early and on the road while the sun was rising. It is a beautiful site to be on 95 as the sun comes up but it also makes for a long day, hah.   I got ready while my mom read Brendan a Valentine’s day book her and my dad got for him and my dad and Devin planned what to do while my mom and I were out.  Mom and I headed over to pick up Gram and then up to Jenn and Joe’s for Carolyn’s baby shower.  Such a great day to prep for one sure to be very loved baby.   So many people, gifts, great food and delicious treats. It was a great day and we can’t wait to meet her!  While we were out the boys went to Harbor Freight yes that’s right a tool place haha.  Brendan of course loved it and Dad and Devin do to so it was a good choice.  Brendan enjoyed a grilled cheese for lunch, took a great nap and flipped through a seek n find book with his Pop.  After the shower we hung at the house for a bit while Aunt Sheryl and Uncle George came over to visit for a bit before we headed back.




The boy loves Jeeps!


Sunday morning Brendan got to open the present Aunt Di sent home with me for him.  A puzzle that had his name written all over it… the latches puzzle by Melissa&Doug.   She was so right he absolutely loves it! Thanks again Aunt Di!




Sunday afternoon we came to an agreement on hardwood floors, which should be ordered by the end of this week and done by mid-March, woohooo! In the evening I baked some cupcakes (strawberry with cream cheese frosting and funfetti with vanilla frosting) for Devin to take into work for Valentine’s day.  Luckily there were to many cupcakes so Brendan got to taste one …he preferred the frosting to the cake, not surprising!

he kept going MMMMMM yesyesyes yum yum



he insisted Devin put the tape measure on his waistband.






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