Brendan, you got mail!

** Brendan’s robot hat: I ordered this hat for him on (duh!) from the seller The Bibelot Shoppe. The seller is awesome, quick turn around and we had the hat within a week even with it coming from California. **

Last weekend we spent looking for hardwood flooring and Sunday was beautiful so we also went to the playground for a bit. Devin hasn’t been to the new playground so he was quite impressed. And even better noone else was there so it was all ours.

so close he can taste it

Monday Brendan got a special delivery in the mail from his Mom-mom and Pop-pop. They sent him an inflatable bed for when we go away overnight and it’s Toy Story themed. Brendan carried the box around for the better part of the day, many times attempting to open it but I kept telling him we had to wait for his dad to get home from work. Once Devin was home it was go time with filling up the bed. Brendan climbed right in and loved/loves it! Seriously he is in it everyday at some point. Thanks!

using his pliers to try and open the box

Tuesday I made the mistake of mentioning the word school before we actually were at school. That WILL NOT happen again..O M G big mistake…huge! Either way Brendan had a great day at school, learned a lot and did some more Valentine’s day activities. The theme of the day was the color red…he colored a picture with his red crayon and made me some more artwork for the fridge šŸ™‚

Thursday morning I DID NOT mention the word school before we left. I just got Brendan up, dressed and said we were going out. When we pulled into the driveway at his daycare he sniffled a bit but I calmed him down while getting him to the building saying how he was going to school and I was going to school and he was going to play with his friends, have so much fun, draw, color, play, eat lunch take a nap and then I would pick him up. With that one of his little friends appeared at the window and was waving at Brendan. Brendan got so distracted by saying hi and waving that he DID NOT cry, YAYAYAYAY! That day Brendan did well with group participation, he colored a red dog and they worked on letter recognition.

Thursday Brendan got a musical Valentine card in the mail from Aunt Geri. These cards are what I would now call a tradition coming from Aunt Geri…for every holiday she finds him a musical card because Brendan LOVES them.

Friday we went to Carter’s to look for some stuff for some new babies in the family, no not us. šŸ™‚ And of course I picked up something for Brendan. Melissa&Doug makes wooden magnet dress-up dolls for boys or girls so Brendan got the boy one. On the way home we went on a lunch date to the local pizza place. He did great and I got so many compliments on his hat.


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