Year of the rabbit

Sunday when we got back from Philly Devin decided to set up Brendan’s Step2 workbench. He of course had some help from little mr. fix-it. Brendan absolutely went nuts for the much so that Devin had to wait to put the decals on until Brendan was in bed for the night hah. Also what I found impressive is Brendan just looked at the picture on the box and figured out where a couple parts go. Now this could be coincidence or he could be a genius like I think he is. 🙂

his face here cracks me up ... ohhhh I get a drill!

Tuesday Brendan was back at “school” and again learned a lot. He also, I am told, is a good napper and has a little girlfriend. Since it’s February they did a Valentine’s day themed art project.

On Thursday they learned about the Chinese new year. This year is the year of the rabbit so they did a project where you piece together (very basic) a rabbit. In addition to the usual counting, letters, read some books and enjoying fortune cookies.


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