saying goodbye…

*** Disclaimer:  You may not want to read this entry.  I know some will find it strange and think maybe I shouldn’t post about my grandfathers passing but it is helping me. So I am posting it..consider yourself warned***


Wednesday night we got the snow/ice storm that hit basically the whole country.  Around 8:30 we lost power, thankfully, it returned at 1:30 am.  Thursday morning school was closed, we packed up and headed home to Philly to be with the family. You know we have done this trip so many times we could probably do it in our sleep but yet this trip home was just so sad.  I did fine until we hit the Cottman Ave exit of 95 and then I couldn’t deny anymore why we were making this trip. We got to my mom and dads…my mom and I did some prep work for the coming days and the boys (Devin, Dad and Brendan) shoveled the steps and sidewalk.  It kept us all busy and going so that was good. And as I have said a million times thank god for Brendan…he made us smile, laugh and gave hugs and kisses as needed.



Thursday night Devin and I took Brendan over to see Gram.  We had a nice visit and for an hour Brendan had her laughing and smiling, mission accomplished. Late late late Stephen and Savannah finally made it to Philly.  We all were exhausted so we went to bed.  Friday morning was more sadness as Friday night was the services.  Our original plan was to bring Brendan however some people suggested leaving him home with Hayley (my godsister) after some consideration we did leave him home and I am glad we did. The services were beautiful, he was/is loved so very loved and it was clear on Friday night by just how many people showed up to say their goodbyes. After the services all the family came back to my parents house to just decompress and be together.

* these pictures were taken by Hayley and her friend Casey while they watched Brendan…


Brendan, Casey and Hayley


Saturday morning was another rough one with final services for Poppy.  Brendan spent some time in the morning playing with his Uncle Steve and then went over to Hayley again. Saturdays services were again beautiful, we all went to lunch as a family and then home.  Saturday night we had so much food leftover that my mom and dad again invited the family over. Some were to far away but for the most part we were together again and enjoyed Brendan entertaining us for the night.





first chocolate covered the words of Brendan "MMMM licious!"





Sunday morning we went over to see Gram and then back to my mom and dads before we headed back to Maryland.



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