An extraordinary man…

I am sure this post will be all over the place and for that I apologize but this is a very tough one to write.

To quote my mom: “He was an extraordinary man trying to live an ordinary life” My Poppy passed away last week. He put up a good fight, beat the medical odds and his body was just tired. As my dad said he lived and died as he wanted. And really that gives me great comfort knowing he was happy with his life. He had 63 years of marriage to his beloved wife, 3 great daughters, 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Getting that phone call was one of the worst calls you can ever get and I know I told the messenger to stop lying. My grandfather and I had a special relationship and he was one of my biggest supporters. When I was little I often spent Friday nights at my Gram and Pops house. My Poppy and I would go to Kiddie City to let me pick out a toy. He loved to tell the story of me walking around holding a dollar and spending a lot of time picking out which toy I was going to get. Then to the corner ice cream store to get chocolate for him, butter pecan for Gram and I think vanilla with sprinkles for me. Saturday mornings I was spoiled by having a set up on their sofa while watching cartoons and Poppy would prepare breakfast of scrambled eggs, mid-morning we would go to get my Grams smokes and some candy. We got summer vacations with Gram and Pop and they were both at every major event in my life but the big one that is coming up, my graduation. I know he will be there but man do I wish he could see me walk across that stage.

To see my Gram and Pop together was to see true love. You know that love that after 63 years you still hope to have!? Yes that was them. They were making each other laugh everyday.

Recently, if you know us, you often heard me say how lucky Brendan was/is to have great-grandparents. Something a lot of people these days do not get to have. Boy did Pop ever love my Brendan and Brendan loved him to, he is after all named after him. I am so happy Brendan go to spend a couple holidays knowing the great man known as Poppy.

Over the past week we as a family have cried, laughed and thought of all the good times we had with Poppy. Friday night we said goodbye to Poppy in a beautiful service with an outpouring of love. He will be greatly missed.


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