Never realized…

Another week done and one closer to warmer weather 🙂 This week in Maryland we had a pretty warm day, Tuesday, so Brendan and I went to the playground for a bit.  It was great because we had the whole place to ourselves.   We also had a new thing happen where Brendan says YES and actually gets the meaning behind it.  As in Brendan would you like a banana? YESSSS!   That’s exactly how he says it all exaggerated and again I may have cried just a little bit.  He never ceases to amaze me.  It really was clear he knew what yes means when we were at Target Wednesday and he grabbed a bag of cookies off a shelf and said yes haah.  Goofy kid but of course I bought him those cookies…he also did this with a pair of pants and they also came home with us.  🙂  I never realized how much easier life would be now that Brendan can communicate his wishes with us and his yes and no. Today we went to Breakfast at the Amish market in Annapolis with Lauren and Milo.  O M G so good we all left very happy and full.  If you are down this way you need to go. So another week and more progress I can’t wait to see what next week brings.




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