Christmas – pt 5- Christmas with the cousins :)

Sunday morning we started to pack everything up and huddled in the living room to keep an eye on the weather reports. Our plan was to go to my bil and sil’s Sunday for Devins side of the family Christmas, see my Aunt Uncle and cousin who were in Philly for the day and then head back to Maryland in the late evening. Mother nature had a different plan in store for us though. We did still make it to Devins brothers with a smaller group then anticipated. We had a great time with a ton of food and best of all Brendan got in some time with his cousins. 🙂

it was impossible to get them all to look and smile

From there it was back to my mom and dads to spend some more time with them , Stephen, Savannah, Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Gordon and Sierra. The snow was out of control and it was pretty windy to so we put our plans on hold for a bit and enjoyed the company and snow. We bundled up and had Brendan sledding out front, throwing snow balls and going for rides in his sled up and down the street. The boy loves snow!

last blizzard of 2010

the video is dark but it’s better then nothing 🙂

Sierra, Aunt Cheryl and Brendan

watching Caillou on my phone 🙂

We packed up the Jeep at 11pm for our first attempt at heading back to Maryland. We knew the wind was supposed to get worse in the morning so we figured it was a good time to leave. Unfortunately we only made it two exits on 95S before we had to turn around. We were back up at 530am and did make it back to MD in great timing Monday morning. After we got through DE the roads were all clear. 🙂


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