Christmas 2010 – part 1

Thursday morning Devin loaded up the Jeep and I dropped off Cherokee for boarding and then we hit the road to get to Philly. We had a lot to do, lots of people to see and fun to have! The Jeep was literally packed to the brim, traffic was a nightmare in DE but we got to Philly mid-afternoon and the relaxation and visiting began.

The beautiful tapestry my parents had made...we got one too 🙂

First my mom, Brendan and I went to visit Gram and Pop. We got Gram from her room, pushing her down the hall in her wheelchair when Brendan pushed my mom out of his way so he could push Gram all by himself. It was incredibly cute and he was very good at it. We took her down to the floor Pop is on, for rehab on his leg, where Brendan was still pushing Gram and then Pop and then pushed them together so they were near each other. He had a couple of the nurses and residents laughing 🙂

After visiting with Gram and Pop we went back to my mom and dads to relax and so Brendan could spend as much time with his Uncle Stephen and Aunt Savannah as possible.


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