YAY we got Brendan a playset…

We have been looking for playsets for out in the yard for Brendan but couldn’t find anything we really loved in stores.  So we went to craigslist to see if there were any good ones on there. Normally I wouldn’t go the craigslist route but for stuff like this I think it’s okay.  Anyway we found a great set, contacted the buyer and now it’s ours. Devin went this morning with a moving truck to pick up the pieces.  Luckily, fully assembled it fits on our deck. We wanted this because it’s getting colder, almost to cold for the playground, but we cn play out back for a bit and come in to get warm :)We got the Step2 naturally playful clubhouse climber and it awesome! Brendan’s reaction was simply priceless..he kept going WOW with a huge smile on his face.

he LOVES it!

his favorite part is of course the wheel

Winter air + baby fine hair = static city!


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