You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch…

Tonight Devin, Brendan, Lauren, Milo and I went to the ICE Exhibit at National Harbor. This years theme is How the Grinch stole Christmas.   We all got to the National Harbor early in hopes of grabbing a bite to et first but everywhere was packed with a long wait.  So we headed over to the Gaylord Hotel to kill some time and get in line for the show.  It worked out better that all the restaurants were packed because we got to spend our time going through the Dr. Seuss art exhibit. By the time we were done that it was our turn to go into the ICE exhibit.  We knew it was going to be cold, they keep it at 9 degrees, so we dressed Brendan in layers.  They also supply you with a parka to wear while going through the ICE.  After getting the parkas you have the opportunity to take a commemorative photo which we of course did and from there you enter the ICE experience.  Ok now I know 9 degrees is cold but we didn’t realize just how cold it in fact is… Brendan was not happy at first but after a couple seconds was fine.   The ice sculptures are AMAZING….one from each big scene of the movie and the end had random Christmas themed carvings.  They  have  special slide for toddlers which is really nice however Brendan is so tiny and light he got stuck halfway down and a worker and Milo got him down.  He was so so sad but laughing  couple seconds later 🙂  Milo, Devin and Lauren enjoyed the slide…Brendan didn’t but it’s ok he will next year. Overall it was a great experience and we are really happy we went!  If you are in the area or close enough to drive down you should go to the ICE exhibit!

heading into ICE with Lauren


waiting in line for the ice slides

here he comes...

and he's stuck!Luckily the worker was able to get him down the slide 🙂

a Christmas tree made of Peeps!

We ended our visit there with  picking up the group picture and a Grinch ornament for Brendan. 🙂

me, Lauren, Brendan, Devin and Milo

We went to Elevation burger for was really good!  In fact so good Brendan went nuts over the fries haha. And he got to have some of Milo’s delicious vanilla and banana milk shake.



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