A lot to be thankful for …

Thanksgiving morning we were up pretty early and heading to Philly for a day with family and a reminder of all we have to be thankful for this year. We went straight to my mom and dads where my dad took Brendan’s Christmas card photo. Brendan showed us that he is very much a 2 year old by being extremely difficult hah.

*not the Christmas  card photo*

My mom and dad of course had some gifts for Brendan and all Christmas themed…movies, books and a new snowglobe.

After the photo shoot we went over to see Gram. Aunt Geri, Drew and Poppy were also there. He looked so cute in his pilgrim hat too. Brendan had us all laughing by just being his silly self. He also enjoyed playing with Grammy’s walker and swinging on it too.

showing Poppy all the fun stuff a calculator does 😉

After seeing Gram we headed back to my mom and dads for Thanksgiving festivities… the quiz and stuffing our bellies! We had a lot of turkey (it weighed more then Brendan!), mashed potatoes, 2 types of stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce and other veggies. The meal was delicious! Brendan ate some turkey and mashed potatoes but his favorite was the cranberry sauce. Who knew!?

everyone taking the quiz

trying to get the picture of him in his pilgrim hat proved to be a challenge hahah but we did eventually get it 🙂

After dinner Brendan really put on a show that had us all laughing for at least an hour. He kept trying to escape from the room and either Devin or Drew would grab him and swing him back in. He was crouching down so we couldn’t see him, walking real slow and then running super fast, covering his eyes because if he can’t see us we can’t see him and the funniest was he had a napkin and threw it on the ground while saying to Devin “What is it?” As if he was trying to distract Devin …it was pretty funny!

Soon after it was dessert time …Beth and Pete, Aunt Di, Uncle Phil and Carolyn all joined for some more delicious treats of pies, cookies and ice cream. Brendan enjoyed some pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting (made by K.C.) and vanilla ice cream 🙂

kisses for his Pop

sharing dessert with Aunt Carolyn

He finally crashed on Aunt Geri right before we were getting ready to leave…

We had a great time but had to come back to MD. We all have a lo to be thankful for this year 🙂


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