Speech update and toddler fashion…

Have you all seen the adorable video of Brendan eating the grilled cheese? If so you hopefully noticed he is speaking HOORAY HOORAY! Yes this has been a couple weeks now where he is speaking and it is awesome. Sometimes it is hard to understand him but the great thing is he is moving in the right direction. He says: six, what is it, I see, mmm and variations of delicious and crazy. He is also babbling and mumbling all day long. A chatty boy is in our future 🙂

Everyday I dress Brendan for when we go out and then he naps and I put him in comfy pj pants but always with whatever shirt he has on. This as you can imagine makes for some interesting outfits. I have also been encouraging Brendan to pick out his outfits right down to his socks. Tonight after his nap he wound up in quite the outfit: flannel shirt, baseball pj pants, bright blue socks with Mickey on them, camouflage slip on shoes and his links made into a necklace. He was quite the fahionisto hah.

sharing some fishies with kitty cat

Devin was stuck late at work so Brendan and I watched Merry madagascar on NBC. He wanted to be comfy so he used his pillow pet and a blanket to enjoy the movie.


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