As I said in yesterdays post Brendan has this bark like cough.  We kept hoping it would get better, that it was just a bad cold.  Last night he kept crying in his sleep as he coughed and today he was just miserable and his nap was a crying coughing mess. Since today was day three of the cough and it didn’t/doesn’t seem to be getting any better I called his pediatrician.  As soon as I mentioned the barking cough they wanted to see him today.  So in we went they weighed him (no gain), took his temp ( no fever), did his pulseox (he wiggled to much to get a good read) but luckily they heard the cough and confirmed he has croup. Since today/tonight is day three his pedi. didn’t give a script for steroids just said to run his vaporizer and give him tylenol/advil/etc every couple hours.  She said croup normally is bad for three days and then begins to turn to cold like symptoms after losing the bark like cough.  Hopefully tomorrow he will feel a lot better 🙂

This will sound terrible but there is a plus side to him being sick… he is so sleepy and just wants to snuggle with his mom. I could get used to this! 🙂



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2 responses to “Croup

  1. Nothin like a little lovin…I’m sure it’s good for him too. Hope he’s better soon.

  2. Hi There!
    My son was born at 28 weeks.
    Hope you will come read some about him.
    How many weeks early was your son?
    What complications/special needs does he have now?

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