Halloween 2010

Friday I spent the day baking:  vanilla cupcakes, devil’s food cake cupcakes and pumpkin pound cake for our trip home this weekend.  Saturday morning bright and early we packed up all 60+ cupcakes, the cake, luggage, toys, Cherokee and Brendan and we headed North on 95 to get home for the Halloween weekend festivities.  We kicked it off with the block party which was a lot of fun. There was a bounce house, face painter, DJ, games, pretzels and a lot of laughs.  Brendan had a couple firsts …first time in a bounce house that he wasn’t fond of at first but in the end loved, he had his painted vs. his face and he “rode” a bike.  My friend Nicole  had her little girls bike in the drive and he wanted on he loved it.

Saturday night we went to Devin’s cousin Michelle’s house for a halloween party.  We had a lot of fun but no pics since Brendan wasn’t really on his best behavior.

Sunday, Halloween, we took Brendan to see Gram at the rehab facility she is in right now. We took Brendan in in his costume and she LOVED seeing him.  While we were there my cousin Jenn, her husband Joe and their dog Dingo stopped by so Gram was  busy.  We got Devin a cheesesteak at a newer place called Wit or Witout and some pretzels for me and Brendan. In the afternoon/evening Aunt Geri, Uncle Jim. Drew, K.C.,Beth, Aunt Sheryl, Uncle George, Hayley and her friends all came down to see Brendan in his costume and do some trick-or-treating.  We only took Brendan to 3-4 houses because he doesn’t really eat/need candy but he loved all the kids in their costumes and really loved the pumpkins. We ended the night with a dance party (i.e. Brendan showing off his dance moves) in my parents kitchen. When I get those videos I will share them.

This morning we were up early and headin Southbound on 95 to get me back to MD in time for class.  We had a great trip to Philly as we usually do :

In the bounce house, hand painting... yes he wears doilies hahah and Mamie takes him for a ride on the tricycle


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  1. I love the pics! You are so smart not to let him go to too many houses and then be overwhelmed with candy! How is Cherokee the fluffy shep?

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