More Fall festival fun!

Saturday morning Brendan woke up almost 100% himself so he and I headed out to do some shopping for me 🙂   After that we stopped at the grocery store for some baking supplies and we got a Halloween balloon.  To see his face just light up when  I handed it to him …ahh.. it’s just such a great feeling.

Kitty cat gets the best seat in the house...notice his black scottie dog got kicked out of the seat

enjoying a snack and his balloon after nap 🙂

Sunday morning we watched some cartoons and then headed out to not one but two fall festivals. We started off at the same one we went to last week for some more pictures and lunch.  From there we headed to another pumpkin patch that looked promising but wasn’t.

smooches for his puppy dog, bff!

I have to say getting the pictures I want was a lot easier last year!

we took his picture in the same spot last year 🙂 but last year he looked at the camera!

How cute are they!?! Neither Devin nor I realized they matched until we got to the festival

see i'm not the only one who tortures Brendan by playing photographer 🙂

he got to feed some sheep and thought it was AWESOME!


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