half way there!

Folks we are officially halfway through the semester woohoo!

This week was more of the same…school for me, work for Devin and fun for Brendan.

Sunday night checking out pictures of himself on the camera. He cracks up everytime.

I don’t think I ever posted pictures of our new furniture so here it is… the sofa is a green color and the tables are FABULOUS. The coffee table is a trunk table..excellent for hiding stuff 🙂

watching the game with his dad

The new sofa is Brendan’s new favorite toy…he mastered getting up on it himself, jumping on it, walking it a million times and removing all the cushions so the house looks like someone robbed us.

he jumps like a maniac on it until we remind him that sofas are for sitting!

enjoying a cool evening on the deck...reading his favorite book trick-or-treat with Elmo

Wednesday I was starting dinner and I thought Brendan,being the angel he is, was watching Zoboomafoo. I was wrong! I left him for 2 maybe 3 minutes and here is what he had done…

bare pigs(socks on floor), mp3 player in hand ...life is good!

And then he spotted Devins baseball cap …

Horsey, check...rain boots, check...goofy kid... CHECK!

Tonight we once again watched the Phillies. Brendan is so funny and really you can just see he loves his dad. When Devin walks through the door Brendan’s eyes just light up, and he sits on the bottom step while Devin gets changed and then he is all about his dad.

"texting" each other during the game

And I guess when your best friend is a dog you think you are a dog too!?! haha

and yes he did close the door over all on his own



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2 responses to “half way there!

  1. I totally think your new sofa is not huge enough! 😉

  2. Eileen

    Looks greeeeeat Mom

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