A morning at the farm..

This morning Brendan and I met up with Laura, Cameron, Evan and Laura’s mom (Granny Cathy) at Clark’s Ellioak Farm in Clarksville, Md. Yes we have been here before in the Spring and it was a much different trip then today aha. To start off today was freezing like winter jacket freezing and today was also the day that apparently every preschool and kindergarten in the state decided to go on a field trip to the farm. Brendan and I made really good timing getting to the farm so while we were waiting for Laura and her crew he played on the wooden train and boat. That was all fine and dandy until the big kids decided to start pushing him, grrr!

So in addition to farm animals the farm has the Enchanted forest which is all these houses or areas set up to tell the tales of nursery rhymes and stories. Brendan loved the three bears house, hey diddle diddle, the happy birthday house, the merry miller’s house and the play area that is filled with Cozy Coupe cars, trucks, houses and other random toys.

Brendan and Cameron

We ended the trip with a ride on the cow train.   He loved it!

Tonight Brendan has a case of the sniffles, runny nose and a cough. So sad to hear him trying to breathe so we have his vaporizer going in his room and his head propped up on a pillow.  Hopefully he will be better in the morning.


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