Cars, furniture and cookies

This week flew by for us. It started with us finally finding a sectional, coffee/trunk table and end tables for our living room.  Yes we finally felt it was safe to get rid of our ruined by reflux sofa.   So Sunday night we found them, slept on it for the night and Monday Devin and Brendan went to order everything.  While they were doing that I got to go to the movies with my friend Lauren to see Life as I know it.  Excellent movie..we may have cried a bit.  😉   Also it is so so so weird and we are still adjusting to Devin having off for these Federal holidays but it is awesome 🙂    Devin worked Tuesday but took off the rest of the week to be here for the furniture delivery on Thursday.

Wednesday morning we went to Target for some essentials. We also got Brendan a remote control Land Rover that he loves!   We had him out front in the parking lot driving it around. He thinks it is the greatest thing ever …having it drive off the curb, under cars and all around the house.  🙂  After I got home from class we took Brendan across the street to the fields for some running, kicking the ball and of course photos!

a quick lesson on how to drive the r/c Land Rover

he's a pro!

fighting over who gets to drive...Brendan won!

I kick. That's what Brendan says 🙂

Thursday it poured, our furniture came  and we spent all day literally looking at it and being happy with our selection.  That is always a good feeling ya know!?!   And today, Friday, Devin did some woodwork in the house while Brendan and I met up with Colleen, Caitlin and Payton at the Nautilus Diner for lunch.  We had so much fun and Brendan got so many kisses and a HUGE sprinkle cookie.

practicing for Halloween 🙂

so excited to see Caitlin and Payton

Um Mom this cookie is messy!

in the Jeep tonight 🙂


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