Flu shot, haircut and weekend fun :)

Friday morning Brendan and I headed back to his pediatricians office so he could get his flu shot. This is especially important this year with both Gram and Pop being sick and with Brendan hanging out in the dorms and already getting sick a couple times. I would love to tell you he did great but the truth is th doctors for him like many is a terrifying experience. He clung to me the whole time not that I minded 🙂 the flu shot itself took all of five seconds while I held him on my lap…for him it goes in his thigh. He got a cool band-aid which he promptly tore off and a lollipop.

enjoying a peach dumdum. He was confused by this treat and spent more time looking at it than eating it.

After the flu shot we continued on with the traumatizing experiences by getting a haircut. He sat in the airplane this time and was a terror! We tried another lollipop, animal crackers, yo gabba gabba, bubbles and finally I just held him as tight as I could so the hairdresser could cut his hair without cutting him. The haircut is eh not great but it will do for now.

playing with trains pre-haircut

After the haircut and rough morning I knew my boy deserved a treat so we went to Three brothers pizza for a lunch of pizza and fries. 🙂

happy to be home ...away from doctors and hairdressers 🙂

This weekend marks just 3 months until Christmas and Brendan definitely knows it is coming soon!

Saturday Brendan channeled his inner cowboy…

Sunday it was a rainy yucky day we all bummed, went to the wholesale club and out to dinner.

remember when Brendan could barely see the middle of this gate!?!

Sunday night thanks to the weather Brendan got to wear his new raincoat


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