Where’s Brendan!?!

Ok first things first I have a good update on Gram and Pop and I know you all have been great and keeping them in your thoughts and prayers. POP IS HOME! He was released from the hospital Tuesday morning, I am sure bright and early hah, and loving being back in his own home. Gram is now in Pop’s old room at the hospital and doing very good with her recovery. 🙂

Ok so Brendan has another game, of many, where he puts the blanket over his head like a ghost and I go ….hmmm where’s Brendan I can’t find him. He giggles I keep saying where’s Brendan and he pops out. Yes yes similar to peek-a-boo but because it is Brendan doing this he is a genius!

hmm where's Brendan?!


Also his Halloween costume came today so of course I had him running around in it tonight. OMG you all will die when you see the pics on HALLOWEEN! 🙂


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